Kilimanjaro and Tsavo Experience (k4)
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Day 1 - Mombasa to Tsavo East National Park
Early morning Pick up from your the hotel/ cottage and start the safari with a visit to Tsavo East National park. Enter the park at Bachuma Gate (100 km from Mombasa) and game-drive enroute to the Aruba Dam. Lunch at Aruba Ashnil lodge. Afternoon game drive. Dinner and accommodation at Aruba Ashnil Lodge.

Day 2 - Tsavo East to Amboseli National Park
Early morning breakfast followed by a game drive as you exit the park. Continue with the safari by driving to Amboseli National Park. Arrive at the Ol Tukai Lodge around mid day - Lunch at the Lodge . Afternoon game-drive . Dinner & Overnight Ol Tukai Lodge.

Day 3 - Amboseli National Park to Tsavo West
Early morning game-drive followed by breakfast at the camp. Continue your safari to Tsavo West National Park, visit the Mzima Springs. Lunch at the camp/lodge - afternoon game-drive. Dinner & Overnight at Severin Safari Camp or Kilaguni Lodge.

Day 4 - Tsavo National Park to Mombasa
Early morning game drive followed by breakfast at the camp/lodge. Game drive as you progress towards park exit. Drive back to Mombasa - lunch enroute - arrival at your hotel in the afternoon.

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Enkongu Narok Swamp (Amboseli)
An elephant is entering the Swamp.  [photo: Paolo Cecchellero]

Enkongu Narok Swamp (Amboseli)
One of the many swamps that originates from the snowmelt and rains on Kilimanjaro.

Buffalos in Amboseli
A group of buffalos on the Amboseli wetland. African Buffalo (or Cape Buffalo) is absolutely the most dangerous of the big five. An adult male might weights 600-750 kilos. Despite this vegetarian and somewhat pastoral appearance they are fearsome animals, killing more people than lions or crocodiles ever do.  [photo: Paolo Cecchellero]

Finch Hattons Camp  [photo: Patty Chang]

Kilaguni Lodge
Zebras at the watering hole at Kilaguni Lodge  [photo: Graham Dean]

Lugards Falls
A crocodile is waiting for a prey to come in Lugards Falls. Despite of the name the 'falls' are in fact a series of rapids on the Galana River.  [photo: Graham Dean]

Lugards Falls
Sheldrick's causeway is the only crossing of the Galana river to the remote, northern section of Tsavo East National Park, it was built in the '50's by legendary David Sheldrick, the first warden of the reserve.  [photo: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust]

Man Eaters Camp
In the last few years of the 19th century two opportunistic male lions found the labourers working on the railway bridge over the Tsavo River, easy pickings. It is estimated that in a 10 month period over a 100 workers were snatched and devoured. The engineer in charge of the building project was Colonel Patterson and his book ?The Man Eaters of Tsavo? describes his trials and tribulations in bringing the culprits to book. He claims to have found their den, a small cave in a [...]  [photo: Yvonne Matiba]

Elephant at Mudanda Rock (Tsavo East)  [photo: Laura Weinkam]

Mzima Springs (Tsavo)
At Mzima Springs there are actually two large pools, connected by a stream of rapids and shaded by stands of raffia palms. The upper pool is long-shaped, favoured by the hippos, while the large-shaped one is preferred by the crocodiles.  [photo: Yvonne Matiba]

Ngulia mountains
View on the Ngulia mountains from the road to Ngulia Safari Camp  [photo: Yvonne Matiba]

Giraffes at Tsavo West  [photo: Yvonne Matiba]

The omnivorous hornbill feeds on fruit and small animals. Some species are severely threatened with extinction. [...]  [photo: Yvonne Matiba]

Ol Tukai Lodge
At the lodge you may find 80 chalet-style rooms; some of them viewing the wetlands, others facing the Kilimanjaro. To accomodate physically challenged guests, two rooms have been specifically designed according to EU standards.  [photo: Paolo Cecchellero]

Serena Lodge (Amboseli)  [photo: Wendy Watling]

Severin Safari Camp  [photo: Patty Chang]

Severin Safari Camp
The swimming pool at the Severin Safari Camp.  [photo: Yvonne Matiba]

Severin Safari Camp  [photo: Yvonne Matiba]

Sopa Lodge Amboseli

Tsavo East
A young hyena in Tsavo  [photo: Laura Weinkam]

Tsavo West
The red elephants of Tsavo; due to the reddish terrain, everything in Tsavo turns red  [photo: Laura Weinkam]

Tsavo West
A Lilac-breasted Roller takes flight  [photo: Graham Dean]

Tsavo West
A Red-billed Hornbill  [photo: Graham Dean]

Voi Safari Lodge  [photo: Yvonne Matiba]

Voi Safari Lodge
Herd of elephants at the waterhole from the Voi Safari Lodge terrace.  [photo: Yvonne Matiba]

Voi Safari Lodge  [photo: Kenya Hotels Ltd]
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