Wonders of Uganda (u1)
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Day 1: Arrival Entebbe Airport
Arrival at Entebbe Airport, you will be met by our driver/guide on arrival, transfer of about 50 min to your hotel - Overnight at the Lake Victoria Serena Resort

Day 2 : Entebbe - Murchison falls National Park
After breakfast begin the safari with panoramic drive north-west through the famous Luwero Triangle. En-route stop at the Kabalega Diner for lunch and later proceed to Murchison Falls National Park, stopping at the spectacular top of the fall where you can see the Nile's beauty perfected! Marvel at the Nile, compressing from 50 meters to squeeze through a 6 meters canyon dropping 50 meters with a thunderous roar creating beautiful rainbows, a plume of spray and the best thing that happened to the Nile... "the Murchison Falls". Enjoy the amazing sunsets! Dinner and overnight at Paraa Safari lodge.

Day 3: Murchison falls National Park
Spend the day at Murchinson Falls with a game-drive on the northern bank of the Nile, with chances of seeing giraffes, elephants, lions, hartebeest and different species of birds. A peculiarity of the mid-western section of the park is the thousands of Borassus Palm trees that dominate the landscape. The high numbers of elephant are largely responsible for the spread of the Borassus Palm seeds as they like to eat the fruit and deposit the seeds widely complete with a ready source of nutrients for them to grow! The main accommodation on the North bank in this western region is the Paraa Safari Lodge which also has a view over the Victoria Nile. This Lodge is also well established and has many facilities to ease tired safari travellers. Apart from the good game viewing opportunities, one of the highly recommended activities is the boat ride to the bottom of the mighty Murchison Falls. The Victoria Nile, which is in some places over 200 mt wide, is forced in to a gorge that is 6 mt wide! The result is a spectacle and display of the power of water when restricted. Another boat excursion that is available is one that goes west to the delta where the Victoria Nile meets Lake Albert. This trip brings you just meters from the wildlife that is always present by the river. This area is also vey rich in bird life, and is truly an Ornithologist's treasure trip. Lunch, dinner & Overnight Paraa Safari Lodge.

Day 4: Murchinson Falls - Kibale Forest Nationa Park (5 hours)
After breakfast we head south via Hoima to Fort Portal. Fort Portal rests in the shadow of the fabled Mountains of the Moon and is famous for the many tea plantations. From this lovely town we will continue to Kibale National Park. This forest is home to approximately 1440 chimpanzees and numerous other species of monkeys and mammals. There is also around 500 forest elephant, which are difficult to see except in the early morning and late evenings. With this region being on the Northern edge of the Great Rift Valley, there are other very unique attractions in the way of Crater Lakes. These picturesque bodies of water dot the landscape and have very similar vistas as one would find around the alpine lakes! There are 38 such crater lakes. Dinner and overnight at the Primate Lodge

Day 5: Kibale Forest National Park - Chimpanzee Habituation
Wake up and enjoy an early breakfast at the lodge (option to carry a packed breakfast). Today we are going to experience Chimpanzees Habituation! Drive to the park offices to join the Kibale Forest trackers, guides and scientists when they go out the whole day in the footsteps of one of the chimpanzee communities. Start the day with the chimps as they de-nest and awake at dawn around 6-6.30am and spend the day with them as they go about their daily chores of hunting, feeding, copulating, raising their young, breastfeeding, resting, patrolling and displaying until its time to next. They start to build their new nests around 5pm. Return to your lodge at the end of this enjoyable day. For travellers with limited mobility there are stretchers available and porters who happily assist you to make this day possible! Dinner and overnight at the Primate Lodge.

Day 6: Kibale Forest - Queen Elizabeth National Park (3 hours)
After a delicious breakfast we proceed to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Driving south, along the edge of the Kibale National Park you drop down in to the floor of the Rift Valley and it becomes much warmer and the vegetation becomes more savannah like with open plains and scattered shrubs and trees. The first sign that you are close to the park is the view of Lake George and the Kazinga Channel that connects Lake George to Lake Edward. As you enter the park you will come across one of the many Soda Ash Lakes that have a very pungent sulphur smell. Such lakes are very characteristic of the volcanic lakes on the floor of the Rift Valley. Many animals, particularly buffalo congregate along the shores of these lakes to lick the mineral salts left by the evaporating waters. Mweya Safari Lodge is the only accommodation unit built on what is know as the "peninsular" and has the most spectacular views of the Kazinga Channel to the East and Lake Edward to the West. This makes for the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets; both are no to be missed when staying here. Check in at the Mweya Lodge, have lunch and enjoy the stunning scenery and views all around you! In the afternoon we take on a boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel, which takes you within meters of elephants, buffaloes and hippos that are cooling off at the shores, this cruise will definitely be one of the your highlight! At the end of the boat ride you come across a fishing village that is in the middle of the park, and a demonstration of how important the balance between humans and wild animals is. Dinner and overnight at Mweya Lodge.

Day 7 & 8: Queen Elizabeth National Park
Spend two full days at Queen Elizabeth National Park with lots of activities to take part in. One day you could wake up early - enjoy a cup off coffee or tea with a cake before you head our to the mating grounds of the Uganda Kobs. We search for lions, elephants, buffaloes and other wild animals in their natural habitat before returning for full breakfast. In the afternoon, relax at the lodge and later in the evening head out for an evening game drive around the leopard loop with high chances of spotting one or two and many other species of animals. The other day you could do a tour of the salt lakes around the park. One of the most famous lookout points in Uganda is in the Katwe-Kabatoro community on Katwe Salt Lake where traditional salt mining has been practiced since the 16th century. The neighboring Lake Munyanyange is a bird sanctuary, as well as a migratory location for the lesser flamingo from august to november. This drive will take about 4 hours and then return to the lodge for lunch. After lunch, relax at the lodge and enjoy the views! Dinner & Overnight at Mweya Lodge.

Day 9: Queen Elizabeth National Park - Entebbe
After early breakfast, you will depart from Queen Elizabeth National Park and fly back to Entebbe (by road it would be possible but would takes about 11 hours). Arrival at Entebbe airport to fly back home or to take an extension program.


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Entebbe Botanical Garden
The Entebbe Botanical Garden is the major touristic attraction in the city. It has been founded in 1898 on the shores of Entebbe Bay, located on the northern side of Lake Victoria. If you are not in a hurry it could worth a visit: just four kilometers from the airport. In this picture, a Commelina [...]  [photo: Alex Popovkin (Wikipedia)]

Tea Plantations
Fort Portal rests in the shadow of the fabled Mountains of the Moon. The region is famous for the many tea plantations.  [photo: Mariella Orso]

Water Safari
A boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel is the best way to get close to the wildlife: elephants, buffaloes and hippos are often cooling off at the shores.

Sunset at Kazinga Channel
The Kazinga Channel is a 20 miles long (32 km) natural channel connecting Lake Edouard (west) and Lake George (east). It's one of the most spectacular scenery of the Queen Elizabeth NP area. Moreover, the channel counts one of the largest population of hippos in the whole world as well as plentiful [...]

Kibale Forest
Black and white Colobuses. [...]  [photo: Daryona (Wikipedia)]

Forest chimpanzee
A forest chimpanzee seems like to waving goodbye to the photographer.

Kobs Circuit Trail
Unfortunately, the Uganda Kob populations - time ago widespreaded in sub-Saharan regions - have been severely decimated due to the expansion of human settlements and agriculture. However, a fair amount of this subspecie remains in Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Park Areas.  [photo: Pippo Mettone]

Lake Edouard
Lake Edward receives waters from many tributary rivers (Ishasha, Ntungwe, Nyamugasani, Rutshuru) and Lake George, by means of the Kazinga Channel. It empties to the north into Lake Albert, via the Semliki River. Lake Edouard - as well as the Ishasha river - marks the border between Congo (west) and Uganda (east). In this picture, the Semilki river is leaving Lake Edward flowing northward to reach the Lake Albert.  [photo: Lukski (Panoramio)]

Lake George
Lake George is a small lake with shallow waters (the overall depth is only 2.5 mt) where some hardworking fishing communities live. The lake is fed by fresh streams flowing down from the stunning Rwenzori Mountains (at north); the outflow runs quietly from Lake George through the Kazinga Channel (32 km long) reaching Lake Edouard to the west.  [photo: Pippo Mettone]

Lake George  [photo: Pippo Mettone]

Lake George
Some warthogs on the grasslands near the shores of Lake George.  [photo: Mariella Orso]

Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort
The hotel style resembles an italian palace with tower, mosaics, arched pool terrace and shaded colonnades.  [photo: serenahotels.com]

Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort
Each room features either a queen-sized or two twin beds, a dressing table, work station, seating area, balcony and lavish marble bathroom with walk-in shower.  [photo: serenahotels.com]

Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort
In this picture, a view over the Victoria Lake from the restaurant level.  [photo: serenahotels.com]

Murchinson Falls boat ride
The boat ride to the foot of the Murchison Falls is one of the highly recommended - and mostly preferred - activities. The Victoria Nile, which is in some places over 200 mt wide, here is forced in to a narrow gorge 6 mt wide.

Murchison Falls
The waters of the White Nile river are squeezed into narrow gap through the rocks - only 6 mt - before to tumble down for 43 mt, flowing westward into Lake Albert. [...]  [photo: Rod Waddington (Wikipedia)]

Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls
The Murchison National park is acknowledged for receiving prominent international visitors. Among the others, should be cited Winston Churchill (1907), Humphrey Bogart (1951), Prince Edward VII (1930), Her Majesty the Queen Mother (1959) and Ernest Hemingway, in 1954, whose plane crashed while [...]

Mweya Lodge
The swimming pool, overlooking the Kazinga Channel.  [photo: mweyalodge.com]

Mweya Lodge
Mweya Lodge is the only accommodation unit built on what is know as the peninsular. Due to its prime location, the lodge has the most spectacular views over the Kazinga Channel.  [photo: mweyalodge.com]

Kazinga Channel
At Mweya Lodge, looking east to the Kazinga Channel (on the right). [...]

Paraa Safari Lodge
Paraa Safari Lodge offers a unique blend of comfort, relaxation and adventure. The luxurious pool overlooks the winding River Nile below, which was the setting for the Hollywood movie The African Queen (1951), starring Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.

Paraa Safari Lodge

Paraa Safari Lodge
Moving from the Paraa Safari Lodge a game drive is exploring the northern bank of the Nile. [...]

Primate Lodge
The Primate Lodge stands somewhat secluded deep in the forest for maximum privacy and a natural 'living in nature' feel. It is very popular with honeymooners, anniversaries and the 'hopeless romantics' who can also enjoy private lounging and dining at the extensive upstairs veranda that seems to go right into the forest.  [photo: Uganda Lodges Ltd]

Primate Lodge  [photo: Uganda Lodges Ltd]

Kazinga Channel  [photo: Mariella Orso]

Queen Elizabeth National Park  [photo: Pippo Mettone]

Queen Elizabeth National Park
Elephants, buffaloes and hippos are usually cooling off at the shores of the Kazinga Channel.  [photo: Pippo Mettone]

Queen Elizabeth NP Main Gate
From the Ntungamo-Katunguru main road to the Mweya Lodge there are no more than 20 km. In between is the Queen Elizabeth National Park Main Gate.  [photo: Toka5408 (Panoramio)]

A day with chimpanzees: wake up at dawn around 6-6.30 am and then see them while hunting, feeding, copulating, raising their young, breastfeeding, resting, patrolling and displaying until its time to prepare the new nest where to sleep at night.

Enjoy an entire day with chimpanzees. Firstly to find them by their morning farts until they prepare for their nest to overnite; preferably as a small group (ranger and 4-6 guests) since it is likely you get much closer to them. The trek might be difficult as it is often moving through the thick forest.
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