16-Nov-2007 - I have wanted to go to Kenya since I was a young girl, which is quite a few years! My partner and I have planned this for 3 years, going to travel fairs, speaking to various agencies because as a disabled person, you need that extra re-assurance. We were not getting that re-assurances from anywhere until a very helpful man called Gordon Rattray put us in touch with Yvonne at Go-Africa. We had some initial reservations booking with a small agency, however Yvonne soon put our minds at rest. Yvonne patiently responded to my emails quickly, of which there were many believe me!

We wanted to do 2 weeks safari and a week chilling on the beach and we wanted to see as much of Kenya as possible. This involved seven different accommodations, disabled people know how stressful is it confidently establishing the access of one let alone seven! Yet the beauty of GoAfrica is that they have personally visited the accommodation so there was no anxiety on whether they were accessible. They can tell you the facts, their thoughts and share feedback they have received so you can then decide.

Every accommodation was amazing in its own way but a safari is nothing without a good safari driver guide. Ali was excellent, not only knowledgeable and helpful but he made it great fun too. It is thanks to him we keep singing the Jambo song spontaneously - if you do not know what I mean, ask when you get to Kenya! The safari bus, though not 4 wheel drive was comfortable, even on roads which can only be described as extremely bumpy! GoAfrica had a step especially made to help me get in the van, because they go out of their way to see what it is they can do to make the holiday achievable and truly amazing.

We had an absolutely amazing time, a thousand different experiences and we will certainly go back when we have saved our pennies. As my partner proposed to me whilst in the Masai Mara, it may even be for our honeymoon! Without a doubt we will be in touch with GoAfrica when the times comes as we cannot recommend them highly enough, please get in touch if you would like to know more and if you have doubts as a disabled person traveling in Kenya then don't! GoAfrica tailor made our holiday to suit our needs and avoided the "special" approach some companies imply when specialising in disabled travel.

Kenya is a truly remarkable beautiful place. I have said to Yvonne and Esther they need to Global because I wish every holiday abroad was as organized and stress free as Kenya!

Jane Stuckey & Daryl Flint England