26-Feb-2015 - After searching for ages we came across Go-Africa safaris. We are two disabled travellers and it was imperative our holiday was spot on and thanks to Yvonne it was!

Through her we hired Patrick who accompanied us on safari and was attentive to our care needs. Rashid drove us through terrain that was sometimes very rough. If like me you are prone to back aches then I would suggest taking a gel cushion to ease any issues.

Yvonne can provide equipment necessary for a comfortable stay, it?s important to share your needs with her because although all the lodges/hotels were accessible they only had one grab rail in the bathroom: compromise is the name of the game!

Apart from Amani Tiwi all the pools have ladder steps, inaccessible, unless you have good upper body strength. Amani Tiwi has a sloped access to the pool but alas the ocean is not accessible in a wheelchair. As we were only staying for a short while this was not a consideration when booking.

Get out of your comfort zone and visit Kenya, you will have fun, we promise!

Yash and Greg Airth: two delighted travellers from Maidenhead Berkshire, England.