12-Mar-2007 - In 2007 we travelled 3 weeks through Kenya. With me having a severe handicap being on safari in Kenya needs proper preparation. And it's necessary having a local and reliable contact: these kind of trips can hardly be arranged on a distance. Luckily we were in contact with Go Africa Safaris & Travel already since 2004. With GO our local contact was settled. Communication with GO is very direct, to the point and without delays. GO?s team is very well focussed on the relevant details which you need to be aware of when arranging a safari for people with special needs. All transport and accommodation was checked thoroughly in advance and GO mailed pictures in return for our personal check. So we had a smooth preparation!

From arrival until departure three weeks later we encountered no problem at all! Our guide was very experienced and well prepared. The adapted Land Cruiser is a fantastic vehicle for crossing this country. This gave us a very good point of departure in exploring Kenya?s landscape and wildlife. When planning this trip we told GO we had a preference for tented accommodation. GO really succeeded in finding this type of accommodation! We were really surprised by the locations with the variety in views, atmosphere and nature. In this holiday we?ve experienced the best in hospitality (in many ways) Kenya has to offer! The safari trip we figured out with GO covered a lot of different wild parks all over Kenya, but was really feasible in driving times (our guide?s planning was perfect) and travelling schedule: we didn?t have the idea of being in a hurry! This Safari turned out being really a pleasure and a success, thanks to GO!

Marcia Lever & Piet Melman