20-Jan-2008 - We had a GREAT time on your safari!!! I am handicapped (Multiple Sclerosis and cannot walk). I took both of my kids and a wheelchair with me. You planned everything for us. The animals were fantastic. I fell in love with the giraffes. Besides the animals we visit the people like the first tea plantation in Kenya. We also visited the Masai and bought many things there. They were arranged in a square after we selected what we wanted we met with the tribe and negotiated a price. Then when we had reached a good deal we shook hands and left. I wish I had bought more from them(maybe that means another trip).

The food was tremendous 5 star and surprised me. We were spoiled and I thought we were going to rough it!! We saw many of the animals and I have two albums of pictures to remember it all by. Our driver, Peter, was the best and helped us many times. All of this was done when the country was under marshall law because of the challenged president election. We saw no violence although american papers had very bad reports. We had no problems and got to see everything we were supposed to.

I highly recommend GoAfrica and Esther Nthemba for your trip. My daughter and her friend continued further north in Kenya and Esther kept us up to date on their travels and safety.