21-Jul-2009 - Hi, my name is Glen Keast,
My wife Wendy and I have just returned from the best African experience all thanks to Esther and her Go Africa Safari & Travel team. Wendy and I have previously travelled through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Egypt all on group tours, but this time we wanted a more personal experience and a closer look at the African way of life. We were looking to do a trip through Kenya and Tanzania, we found Esther and her fantastic company from there web page. Ever since our first email outlining the things we would like to see and do, Esther was a wonderful source of local knowledge. We were lucky enough to have 17 days travelling through these two superb countries. Esther and Go Africa Safaris & Travel picked us up at the Nairobi airport, and for the next two and a half weeks organized our lives. We wanted to get close to the African people, so our Safari Tour involved camping for a few days at a time and then living the high life in a lodge or hotel for a night or two to rest our weary bones after roughing it. Esther managed to put all of our initial thoughts and wishes into one marvellous trip.

Our Driver/Guide and personal chef (Stanley and Joseph) through Kenya were some of the best company and knowledgeable men we have ever had the pleasure of travelling with. Stanley could spot game from 100 meters away in thick bush and helped Wendy and I find the Leopard that had evaded us on our past trips to Africa, and Joseph's wonderful cooking put a few more inches on our waistlines. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with them and felt like we became great friends in just 6 days. Esther suggested we do a hot air Balloon ride over the Mara. At first we swayed away from this due to the price, but after discussing it through with Stanley and Joseph, we decided it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are so glad we did. It was one of the best mornings we have ever had. The thrill of floating 1000 feet above the ground and the chance to see the wide open spaces of the plains was an experience we will never forget. Not forgetting that the Wildebeest migration was in full swing and the chance to witness a river crossing from the air, of this marvellous piece of nature was truly amazing. A silver service champagne breakfast in the middle of no-where at the end of the balloon ride also helped to top off the morning.

We cannot recommend Esther and her company highly enough to anyone wanting a more personal East African adventure; we would like to thank Esther and her team for truly one of our best holidays ever.

Your Australian Friends
Glen and Wendy Keast
July 2009