31-Aug-2009 - Hello, how do you plan the perfect vacation? First you contact Go Africa Safari!
I am a amputee that wanted to take a vacation again and found Yvonne at GoAfricaSafari.com. From the first email I felt a bond and Yvonne asked all the right questions about my needs and my desires. I do not hesitate to tell you all of them were fulfilled. I live in Illinois so I had quit a long flight, then missed a connection to London but got an email off to Yvonne before I boarded to let her know I would not be in that night. No worries, she had arranged to get me picked up the next morning.

It was very reassuring to me to see the cab as I was making this trip by myself. Yvonne met me at the hotel, introduced me to my co-rider for the trip, Phillipa (from the UK), and Peter our driver, loaded up and off we headed for the bush. From the moment I got in to the truck I was at ease. Peter was very knowledgeable and if we had any questions he was very quick to answer. He was always the gentleman, helping 2 ladies with walking issues. It was very reassuring for us to have wheelchairs and shower chairs provided. Yvonne called often on the trip to make sure we were getting along well. Once we got in the bush Peter was very good at pointing out the animals and stopping as long as we wanted to take pictures. He was always aware of the sun and would move so we could take the best pictures, just one of the extra's he does. We spotted all of the Big 5 and every animal in between.

We started in Nairobi then on to Samburu, Sweetwater, Nakuru, Masai Mara and ended our 10 day safari in Naivasha. All our rooms were first class and the only complaint is I probably gained 10 pounds because the food was so good! We got to see the elephants play, the cheetahs come right up to our truck, a leopard with a kill in a tree, the giraffe's stretch their necks, the baboons chase their young, the hippo's laugh at us, and the lion's eating a kill and nursing their young. I have a hard time saying what was my favorite part, but I have a special place in my heart for the giraffe.

The landscape and the scenery will take your breath away. Each morning and evening as the sun comes up and goes down you will not be able to take enough pictures. One evening Peter and I just sat and watch the sun going down. There was blue sky, rain, clouds and then the sun as it dipped below the horizon. A memory I will never forget as Peter and I chatted and got to know each other better. It was nice to know that Peter is a Christian. I always felt safe and found out he has been doing game drives for 20 years.

From my travel recommendations I have a friend that has booked her dream vacation with Yvonne and Peter. She is a retired teacher and had a list of everything she wanted to see and Yvonne has it booked like she wanted. They leave in a few weeks and couldn't be more excited. I could go on and on but just know if you book a trip with Go Africa Safari the customer service will exceed anything you have ever had on a trip before. All your needs will be met.

So THANK YOU Yvonne for a great time and I know I will be coming back to this beautiful country!

Much Love
LuAnn Kleemeyer