30-Aug-2010 - Jambo. First of all we would like to thank you and your team for all the support you gave us during our stay in Kenya. You really have a fantastic team.

First of all thank you Peter !! Thank you for all the places you have showed us. You get a special thanks from your 11 year old co-driver who really liked to sit next to you in "a real car". You absolutely quickly picked up the right rithme for us to travel. It has been really fantastic that Anja has done safari's in all the parks where we stayed more than one day. As promised we send you some pictures of the leopard, the cheeta and a lion as well some pictures with the family.

Dear Maria,
We hope you have recovered a little bit. You know, there is not often a dull moment with our family. You really did a fantastic job by taking care of Anja. Especially when it comes to your patience to give Anja her meals and fruits. All that time I could spend with the kids which they really enjoyed. Playing cards, swimming in the pool and our long walks on the beach were very much liked by both children.

You were always there when we needed you. On Saturday evening you brought the doctor to Villa Kusini. The week thereafter you brought us to the 40 thieves. Both when the sun was already down and you finally were allowed to have a nice meal. We really appreciated that. Thanks!

Dear Esther,
What should I say. When you start talking....you never stop again. Just joking. We really appreciated that you came to the hospital and the children will for ever know what a "group hug" is. Typical Esther to give a blanket to Claire as it could be cold at 40 thieves in the evening. Esther thanks!

Dear Yvonne,
It has been a wonderfull experience to visit beautiful Kenya. I remember a nurse saying to me that Kenya is a very poor country. I surprised her by saying that I don't agree. Kenya is a very rich country. You only need to make effort to see it. And when people see it, they will be able to further develop Kenya. That is really the feeling we still have being in Holland now. Beautiful country where we have met a lot of nice people. The journey was very well balanced. It has been a very good idea to only travel half a day. Therefore Anja did not get too tired and she could join safari every day. I am very happy that we decided to integrate the Masai Mara into the program. The off road trip to Masai Mara has been ok for Anja. All the hotels/lodges were good. Except for Nairobi we could use the hoist to put Anja to bed. Showering has been a challenge in Flamingo Hill as there was a barrier to enter. Mara Ashnil Camp has been really well adapted for disabled. I have hardly found anything to be improved (except for the housekeeping coming at 6.30 in the morning).

All in all we wanted to thank you and your team for the very nice holidays we have had. When time comes, we hope to see you again.

Eric, Anja, Claire and Robin