16-Jan-2011 - The BCE team sends their warm regards back - we definitely miss Kenya and the warm weather :)

The BCE Impulse team went to Africa in January 2011 to do a social entrepreneurship project in Makobe around 30 km South of Mombasa. Go Africa Safaris was instrumental in our success as they helped us a great deal with transport and other issues whilst we where there. They also helped us in advance of our trip and made the project management from Norway a lot easier.

As we came all the way from Norway to Kenya to do our project, we just could not leave without a little safari adventure - so we asked Go Africa Safaris to arrange a 2.5 day trip for us. Esther and the team made a great program for us as we got to see both Tsavo East and Lumo with the fantastic Lion's Bluff Lodge where we were lucky enough to see a Lion and her three cubs!

We also want to direct our thanks to our driver, Rashid, who always went the extra mile to ensure that we all got the most out of our safari and our trip. We have no hesitation in recommending Go Africa Safaris for anyone thinking of going on a safari in this fantastic country!

Tage Skotvold for: BCE Impulse