12-Jan-2011 - After a short but intensive contact with Yvonne Matiba we were already on the plane to Mombasa. We spend the first three days at the Indian Ocean Beach Club along Diani Beach to rest after the flight and get used to the climate. Here we also got the opportunity to meet Yvonne in person and were able to discuss some last details concerning our 12- days safari.

As Louwrens is a paraplegic and uses a wheelchair we found it quite important to have everything organised and it gave us the necessary confidence. Our driverguide Leonard collected us from the hotel with a Toyota minibus. A foldable showerchair was very helpful during the trip. Luckily Louwrens was able to enter the vehicle with assistance and sit in front next to the driver. The accommodations in the parks were all very accessible and of high standard. We really enjoyed the lodges and the great care. All lodges had easy access and everyone was friendly and wonderful, from the garden to the manager.

Leonard gave us a lot of information about the animals, birds, nature , country and culture, all with lots of enthusiasm. We also enjoyed his humor and patience when a photo had to be made especially when a bird came into view. Yvonne kept in touch with Leonard on a daily basis to make sure all went well.

The safari was a great success. The parks were very different and offered a great variety of landscapes and animals. After the 12- days safari we spend another 6 days at the Indian Ocean Beach Club at Diani Beach. During these last resting days we visited Mombasa, this day was also arranged by Yvonne and Maria came along as our guide. We would not have wanted to miss the experience of visiting this city with the Fort Jesus and old town. Some days to rest at the end of our holiday turned out to be a good choice.

In summary: A perfectly organised trip by GoAfricaSafaris. Improvisation was not necessary. Everything was right and down to the last detail.

Advice to everybody: Just do it and enjoy!

The slogan of GoAfricaSafaris: "we make it possible" is a reality

Louwrens en Rosita van der Voet
Email: voetkop@xs4all.nl