24-Oct-2011 - Dear Kelvin, I will recommend GoAfrica Safaris and Travel to everybody looking for someone to arrange a fascinating safari in Kenya and especially to those who do not only want to follow a standard itinerary.

Maybe you remember that I needed someone to help me reach a village of Laare in Kenya with a few days' safari by the way. As Laare is not the most popular touristic destination in the world, it was not so easy to get any good offer for a tailor-made safari, ending up in a place being unknown even to most of Kenyans. Among few offers I got I had chosen the one from you. It was prepared very professionally and I still remember how patient you were to me and to my often changing ideas.

Anyway, the safari perfectly fulfilled my dreams. As it was my second visit in Kenya, I did not focus so much on hunting the Big Five. This time I wanted to come closer also to a normal live in Kenya, far from the touristic hustle and bustle.

Although, I could not resist visiting some famous places, as well. I liked them a lot. All of them: the Ark, the Naro Moru River Lodge and the Samburu Sopa Lodge. Now the Samburu National Reserve is number one among my favourite places in Kenya. Masai Mara kept this position for over a year but lost the moment I entered the Samburu gate.

Maybe I am not the one who should give my opinions about places as they seem to be quite different from other tourists' opinions. Take a place like the Ark in the Aberdare National Park. I read about it - small rooms, cold place, generally overadvertised. For me, it is a magic place with small, charming rooms. As you should expect that the temperature may drop during the night, it is enough to put on warm clothes, socks and it is not cold any more. But the most happy I was when I saw that my internet choice was so good. I mean the Naro Moru River Lodge. If I come back to Kenya I will consider staying there for a longer time. A charming place with a beautiful garden and first of all the staff that make me feel like home (much better than home, to be exact)? Besides, I must admit that the staff in all of the places I mentioned here did their best to make the tourists happy and with me they succeeded, for sure.

I travelled alone but I could always feel that someone cares and I felt absolutely safe. I know that Yvonne and you switched on your special "remote control" to monitor if I am as happy as should be. Besides I had a very professional guide, Robinson, who not only had to listen to me all the way and answer much too many questions but also, from time to time, he had to solve some unexpected problems which suddenly appeared beyond the schedule. And he did it in such a way that all the problems turned into an additional funny adventure.

All in all, you helped me to have the time of my life during my holidays in Kenya.

So thank you so much for arranging the trip which included meeting me at the airport in Nairobi. I also want to thank Robinson for everything and especially for being able to put up with me all the time and Yvonne - for following me, in a way. It was nice to know that you care.

Best regards