6-Dec-2011 - Three weeks safari trip has left in our mind a very deep impression. Still today we "digest" the extraordinary events and the indescribable encounters of Kenya's Wildlife and sceneries.

Peter together with your organization in the back has done a terrific job in showing us around in the national parks and in managing the highways in between. Even in extraordinary situations (such as broken wheelchair, hospital visit) Peter became a true professional. Without him we would have been totally lost and would have been an easy meal for the cats.

The adapted jeep is fully accessible while demanding some courage in getting up/down the ramps. The choice of your lodges in general has been excellent except for the lack of a few amenities i.e. flexible showerhead, cleanness of some rooms, which might be improved in the future. In our situation the decision to see many different national parks has proven to be the right one. Each national park has its own variety of things and animal to see which are sometimes unique for a specific park only (i.e. lions on the trees!!).

All together the safari trip has been an unforgettable experience in our life and we believe it can not be beaten.

Michael & Evelyne from Switzerland