28-Feb-2012 - Hello Esther, we had a wonderful time in Africa. The arrangement made by you were excellant. All of the accommadations were very suitable for Mike. And I think Harvey and Marilyn enjoyed the lodges also. The staff at all the locations were very helpful.

We were especially grateful to Peter. He is a gem. He was always in a great mood, always ready to help. full of wonderful information. The car was always clean and ready to take us on our adventures. His experience as a guide was absolutely the reason we had such a great time in Kenya. He is diffently an asset to you company.

Ezekiel was terrific as well. He helped in every possible way. His sense of humor was delightful. His knowledge was a source of enlughtenment and entertainment.

Thank you all for making our adventure thrilling, educational and trouble free. We will always look back to our time spent with you all with very fond memories. And it will always bring a smile to our faces.

Bev and Mike Swatt & Harvey and Marilyn Herman