12-Sep-2012 - Hi Yvonne

First of all I want to thank you so much for arranging a fantastic safari for us. It was great ! We loved every minute of it. The accommodations were fantastic and we saw so much. I think we loved Kenya a little more than Tanzania - especially Masai Mara. The people were so friendly everywhere we went in both Kenya and Tanzania. The drivers were both great but Peter was exceptional. He is so enthusiastic, personable, friendly and helpful and he made sure we saw everything. I also loved the little ladder to get into the jeep - which was great for me since I am very petite. Please give him our regards and thanks - he definitely made our trip more memorable.

Zanzibar was great too even with the crazy flight and the bed situation at Langi Langi. The owner at Langi Langi was very nice and he didnt charge us for our meals and even provided a complimentary bottle of wine at dinner. At dinner he also mentioned that we could have an ocean view room but we had already booked our last night at Tembo and we really loved Tembo. We had a great room and our last day was very relaxing and comfortable so thank you for making that possible.

Once again thanks for everything. Who knows we might even want to visit Kenya again in a few years. Maybe visit some of the other National Parks if possible.

Please stay in touch and thanks again.

Kshanika de Silva & Carol Gold