31-Jul-2013 - It was an honorable pleasure to meet this happy, friendly and enthusiastic person as you are!!!

GoAfrica Safari & Travel gave us one of the best memorable experiences from our visit in Kenya. They had several exiting alternative safari tours, where they sorted out everything from transportation, plane tickets, insurances, camp alternatives and all information needed for the trip - all after our wishes.

We chose the Ashnil Mara Camp, having three nights in a luxury tent. These tents were amazing. Like small houses in the middle of the National Park. The tents had small balconies just besides the Mara river where we could see crocodiles and hippos, and not to mention some times here them.

The staff at the camp really knew how to take care of you. From organizing all kinds of activities (hot air baloon rides, visiting the Masai people etc) and guarding and taking care of your tent (prepare for a hot water bottle in your bed when you go to bed on cold night for example). Also the chiefs served all kinds of delicious food, both african and european inspired, both for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The camp also had differents kinds of facilities like swimming pool and a very nice spa area, which was a very nice alternative after a long day with safari.

There were early morning safari and after lunch safari. It was so exiting just driving around in huge safari cars hunting to find the different animals. And after two days we had found them all, we just missed the leopard. And not just that, we also were lucky enough to see the lions hunting their dinner, and two lions trying to make a baby. We were also able to take a trip around a lake with an armed guard to get closer to the crocodiles.

The whole trip was so exiting, however also very safe and well organized. We will definitely let Go-Africa organize our tours the next time we are in Kenya, to be shure to obtain an equally successful trip as this was for us.

I can't wait to be back, Esther. We had the best time in Kenya meeting you all. Send my best to everyone.

Best regards,
Tine & Christian (Norway)