14-Dec-2013 - Dear Yvonne
I thought that I should comment while the recent safari was more or less fresh in my mind. Normally, I travel independently. However, your tour was so well organized that we saw everything we could hope for. Our accommodations were first rate. Both Peter and Yahaya were exceptionally knowledgeable and competent.

You well know, I am somewhat handicapped. I can get around using a walker & can cover most situations, provided that speed & grace are not required. The safari that you organized allowed me to enjoy the trip with a minimum of hassle. Much of this was because of the graciousness & helpfulness of the African people. Whenever a problem arose they went out of their way to ensure that I was able to obtain full benefit from the trip & showed they were happy to do so. I have traveled extensively and have rarely received such consideration. They offer help not as a burden but as a pleasure.

Any handicapped client will have no trouble; the Africans will make sure of that and figure some way of solving any problem. I will go even further and recommend that any senior who even vaguely wishes to travel visit Africa with your company. The warm reception far exceeds that of any country I have visited.

When my wife booked the trip, I was somewhat concerned about the weather. I had nothing to worry about. We were able to see everything while enjoying peace and quiet, without tourist busses or tourist masses blocking the view. I would certainly recommend the short rainy season as best for touring.

I?m glad I saw Zanzibar but I wouldn?t return. Would I return to the mainland? Yes, if it weren?t for the killing trip over. The safari portion of our trip was excellent. We?re planning out next trip to Russia. I wish there was a Go-Russia as good as Go-Africa.

Pat & Bob Patterson from the USA
Kenya & Tanzania safari Nov/Dec 2013