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Uganda is the Northern most country of the three countries that make up the East African Union. It is bordered on the North by Southern Sudan, to the West by The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), to the Southwest by Rwanda and to the South by Tanzania through the mighty Lake Victoria and to the East by Kenya.

Uganda has a total area of 241.000 sq. km which is the same size as the United Kingdom. Of this area, 44.000 sq km towards the South are part of Lake Victoria, which is the second largest fresh water body in the World, and is the source of the great River Nile.

Apart from the 10 national parks which are great for game-viewing ? Murchinson Falls, Queen Elizabeth and Kideop Valley just a few to mention, the sceneries are stunning! The country is so green and with the many hills, mountains, crater lakes and viewpoints it is one of the most scenic areas in East Africa.

Its also here you have the chance to spend time with the mountain gorillas at the Bwindi impenetrable forest or the Chimpanzees at Kibale Forest.

Wonders of Uganda (U1)  
A 9-days safari through Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest and Queen Elizabeth National Park

Impenetrable Uganda (U2)  
A 9-days safari through Queen Elizabeth National Park, Ishasha, Bwindi and the Impenetrable Forest