Header photo by Esther & Marco Aalbers

Tanzania 2019

Hello and thank you again everybody at GoAfrica Safaris.

After our perfect safari in Kenya 2013, we wanted to try Tanzania. Because here we could even get closer to the wilderness than in Kenya. Our trip to Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Lake Manyara with our driver Yahaya was perfect. Due to the rain season it was very green, at times very wet but spectacular. Our Time at Kati Kati camp we enjoyed most, because it was very intimate, friendly staff, nice location. At night we heard lions roar 5 metres away from our tent, every night there were hyenas in the area. It was great that Yahaya has incredible knowledge about everything in the nature, we talked about all things even the small ants and termites, the Whistle Thorne Acacia. He has learned us a lot and we had a lot of fun in the Serengeti. Also we tried Ugali, the traditional Tanzanian stiff corn porridge.

The help from the staff in Kati Kati camp made it possible for Esther to make something very special possible. Even through the hard rains they cleaned the wheelchair from the thick mud with much care. We had a lot of fun with the entire staff.

But the animals were also overwhelming, the enormous masses of animals in Ngorongoro. Spectacular and what a view! Picnic spots and restrooms that were disabled friendly. The Elephants and tree climbing lions of Tarangire. The Leopards and cups also the cheetah and cups in Serengeti. The lion, hyenas and Eland-kill wow! The hunting cheetah also a wonderful moment in our memories.

What about the Nile Monitor with the catfish, spectacular in Lake Manyara. It was very special.

The accommodations were perfect. Especially Rivertrees Inn and Kati Kati were outstanding.

We would like to thank Jamill and Yahaya for there help, hard work and skills. Assante Sana!

And Yvonne and your team thank you for making it possible again.

Marco en Esther (The Netherlands)