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Everywhere we went, people displayed kindness that I never experienced before!

Hi Yvonne!
We had an absolutely fabulous time! Your coordination was flawless. The drivers were informed, worked so hard to give us an amazing experience, and both so kind. I was concerned before the trip that only visiting parks might become tiresome, but each park had its own character affording different experiences. We loved them all! The properties worked out fine in terms of accessibility, possibility only needing minor adjustments, i.e. an additional ramp at one (Serenity). We all absolutely loved Kubu Kubu wishing we were spending a couple of extra nights there. How could you not love the outdoor shower...a first for all of us!

One comment about Ashnil. Apparently, they have just gone solar for the water and, as new systems go, it is not reliable with providing hot water so our showers were quite cold. You might want to discuss this with the management.

What really made the trip, though, were the people. Everywhere we went people displayed such kindness that truly I have never experienced in my life! It is this kindness that made us all agree we must return to Africa in the future. This was particularly present at Kubu Kubu and Escarpment properties (Lucinda the manager is a gem), but truthfully it was everywhere even if we were in need of help in some of the public restrooms that presented accessibility issues for Kevin. It all worked out because the PEOPLE made it work by extending a helping hand!

I cannot close without expressing the warm greeting to Kenya provided by Esther. I truly feel we are kindred spirits (ha! ha!). We all just fell in love with her energy. She continually kept in touch to assure all was well.

Without hesitation, I will recommend your company to anyone interested in travelling to Eastern Africa and look forward to receiving updates as Esther mentioned you are working with property owners in Uganda on accessibility. We would all love to go "trekking" for chimps.

Wishing you and Esther only wonderful memories in 2023! Please keep in touch!

Kind regards,
Stephanie, Howard, Kevin & Shaun

Stephanie Mintz, President
All Aboard Cruises, Inc.